About Us

Lauren is a bookworm from the Dallas suburbs who learned back in 2009 that she has celiac disease and a casein intolerance. Ever since, she’s had to follow a strict gluten-free, dairy-free diet. Tyler is a baseball fan from outside Detroit who loves to eat all varieties of food.

When we started dating, we quickly discovered we both love to cook. But we found a need for recipes Lauren could eat that still tasted good to Tyler, who has in fact eaten real cheese in the past 8 years. At first, we tried using replacement products, like fake cheese and bread. Those are expensive though, and Tyler wasn’t a huge fan of the taste. Now our cooking centers around fresh ingredients that are naturally safe for Lauren to eat — and we want to share those recipes with you.

We hope our gluten-free, dairy-free recipes are the most natural, simple, and delicious you’ve ever made. Happy eating!